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More maintenance of the mysterious sort is expected to hit the Playstation Network in about an hour (12am Pacific), but it won’t affect normal use. Wait, what?

That’s right, as strange as it sounds, you’ll be able to sign in to the PSN as normal during the maintenance period (which is only expected to last about two hours anyway). Online play and apps? Yep those will work just fine too. Here’s the kicker- everything’s only functional if you’ve signed in at some point in the past few days.

So needless to say, if you think you might want to log in during the ‘down time’- get hopping and do so right now.

What the full story here is and why recent users are a-ok is anyone’s guess. Sony’s being predictably mum on the subject so I wouldn’t expect an answer if I were you.

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  • I bet they are installing a patch so that you can finally play all your PS3 games through your Vita via remote play.. And Then I woke Up.. yeahhh Riiitttee We all wish. Even if I could play just one good game like one they demo'd killzone I would be so happy. I really hope Assassins creed is good on vita. As far as this update I dont care as long as I can still keep signing in before it goes down so that I can play online games if I want. but if it ever goes down for more than a full day ever again and they dont know why I might just loose it and go nuts

  • Haha – gotta love these vague maintenance releases, but I can deal with down for a day, as long as they keep security tight and don't have another down-for-a-month episodes

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