Max Payne getting disorganized

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Rockstar has officially dated the next installment of DLC for Max Payne 3- the Disorganized Crime pack.
Coming to download services on the 28th of this month; the latest expansion will include the rooftops of Hoboken as a multiplayer map, a few new perks, and a spankin’ new mode that’s sure to class things up a bit.

The Disorganized Crime Pack includes the Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map and several new modifiers for Score Attack in Arcade Mode, including Explosive Rounds (bullets detonate on impact), Lone Wolf AI (much more aggressive enemies), Headshots Only mode, and a new Noir Mode, which lets you play through the entire single-player campaign in the signature black & white style of classic film noir.

The Disorganized Crime pack will be a free (yup, free) download for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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