Balloon Pop bursting onto the eShop soon

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UFO Interactive’s Balloon Pop Remix is set to bubble up onto the 3DS in early September.

One of those ‘simple’ games that actually turns out to be anything but; Balloon Pop Remix brings balloons, puzzles, and a cute lil’ alien to the eShop on September 6th.

Designed and developed internally by UFO Interactive Games, Balloon Pop Remix adds to the Balloon Pop series’ puzzle madness by introducing an all-new way to pop balloons through massive chain reactions using the interactive features of the 3DS. Balloon Pop Remix also features various gameplay modes including Story Mode, which follows the tale of a mysterious creature in need of repairs to his crash-landed UFO. Additionally, players can enjoy Puzzle Mode, a mash-up of different puzzles spread across 100 unique levels, and Endless Mode where players compete for rank and hi-score supremacy!

BPR will cost you a cool $7.99 when it busts the 3DS’ bubble in two weeks. Now that I think about it, it’s probably worth the price of admission just for the chance to learn “an all new way to pop balloons”.

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