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In a stark contrast to the glut of games that’ve been appearing lately, only three titles posted to Nintendo’s various download services this week. Making up for the sheer lack of stuff? Vectors.

Vector Racing for the 3DS looks like it might be a pretty fun (if simple) time. The game uses vector graphics and looks like a cross between F-Zero/Wipeout and Tron. Now that’s just cool. Sure it’s old school, but every once in a while retro scores a direct hit.

Granted, if that’s not your bag, there isn’t too much else that you’re going to find interesting this week. There’s another Metal Slug release for the Wii’s Virtual Console, Abyss for the DSi (looks like it might have some potential) and that’s it.

Month of Mario, I miss you…



  • Vector Racing – $6.99 — Enjoy a new, high-speed racing game that recalls the video games of yore. Use one of six different machines to race across 12 courses — some easy, some insane — in four different modes. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL) 



  • Abyss – $1.99/200 points — Natural resources are scarce and the survival of the human race is in danger. Desperate to find new energy resources, the ASAN creates a biomechanical robot called Nep2no that is capable of withstanding extreme depths in the hope of finding new energy sources. After many years of exploration, a new energy source is found, code named “Gaia”.


Virtual Console

  • Metal Slug X – 900 points — This game is based on Metal Slug 2, but adds the new “Iron Lizard” and “Drop Shot” weapons. It also adds many new enemies and allows players to adjust the game’s difficulty level by changing the position of bosses and other things. (For Wii)

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  • I'm actually quite interested in both Vector Racing and Abyss. Maybe it's because I just got my huge 3DS XL!

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