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The newest free expansion for Star Wars MMO The Old Republic went live today. Allies brings more Legacy enhancements, PvP rankings, and Adaptive Gear to the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic went live at the end of last year and has actually carved out a pretty nice little niche for itself in what’s rapidly becoming a crowded Massively Multiplayer landscape. Success is no easy feat with the likes of World of Warcraft still doing quite well for itself by the way (though even that has dropped off).

There have already been a few free updates to the game bringing new content like missions (Rise of the Rakghouls) and revisions to in-game systems. Update 1.3 furthers EA and developer BioWare’s commitment to supporting the game with a bit more for fans to dig into.

That’s nice to see too, because though The Old Republic hasn’t been a runaway hit it has scored with a number of Star Wars fans and has a pretty nice following to show for it. Star Wars MMO fans have been burned in the past and it’s great that the game is actually getting a good level of support and actual improvements.

Here’s what you can look for in the update (1.3):

Group Finder– will make it much easier for players to join up with others in the game. This feature allows you to connect with other players who want to tackle the same Flashpoint or Operation that you do while also ensuring the group is filled out with combat disciplines that complement each other. Together you’ll be better prepared to take on the more advanced challenges in the game.

Adaptive Gear – allows you to wear your favorite social gear into combat while still enjoying the bonuses you receive from your best combat gear. We’ll almost certainly be seeing more eccentric-looking groups tackling high-level operations, but that’s part of the fun.

Legacy Character Perks –perks give you the opportunity to customize the leveling experience for your Legacy characters. You can focus on the parts of the game you like best, whether that’s space combat, PvP,or Group Missions and Flashpoints, you can choose which activities earn the most experience. The perks give you other bonus opportunities as well, like piloting a vehicle at level 10, earning bonus affection with companions, and even being able to reallocate your skill points in the field.

Ranked Warzones– make PvP more challenging and more rewarding. You can now create a group, compete in ranked warzones, and then track your personal performance and measure your skills against other players.

Check out more about the update (or the core game itself) at

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