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But you’ll have to wait till next week for Xbox and PC.

Close Quarters is a themed expansion pack for the popular first-person shooter that actually changes the base game. That kind of modification isn’t something that we usually see on console FPS’, but man is it a welcome sight.

Eschewing the now standard DLC that most shooters are saddled with (cough*cough*Call of Duty*cough), EA’s Battlefield: Close Quarters adds in destructible environments that lets players “riddle the environment with bullets to reduce entire locales to rubble. Everything from furniture to plaster can be shot to pieces, and players can see the result of the mayhem as rubble and debris pile up on the floor around them.”

The pack also adds 10 new weapons, 5 new dog tags, and 10 new assignments. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is available now for PS3 players ($14.99 USD) to add on to their copies of Battlefield 3- Xbox Live and PC shooter fans will have until next week to make sure they’re ready for a little CQC.

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