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One of the things we’ve noticed with software like Colors! 3D is that there are some seriously talented artists using them to create amazing projects. Well, we too have a project going on at the moment at Digitally Downloaded – a book project, if you will – where we’re collecting the best art works that folks are making on games consoles.

And we’re looking to hear from people who have turned uDraw, Colors! 3D, Art Academy and any of those other tools into serious canvases.

If you would like your art works to be be featured in the project, please contact us at with a sample of your work. If you’re selected to feature in the gallery we’ll do a brief interview with you and then publish (in print) your work alongside all the other talented artists out there.

We hope to hear from you!

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  • Kind of interesting you did this post now, as I was trolling the Nintendo Shop Channel and saw they have the WiiWare art game that was released in September I think, up with a demo.
    I'm going to download it and let our oldest son give it a try.

  • I would love to try getting my art in, it'd be an honor! But all of my works are characters from the webcomic Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie. Are copyrighted characters/games/themes/etc. allowed?

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