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The iOS release of the 2004 The Bard’s Tale has been updated yet again, completing the original trilogy and adding gamepad support.

Honestly, there really isn’t a much better buy on the App store right now. With the latest ‘update’ developer inXile has added on all three original The Bard’s Tale PC games to the base Bard app for  heaping helping of snark.

All in all, this is a pretty amazing deal- buy The Bard’s Tale on iOS and get:

  • The Bard’s Tale (2004) remastered console game
  • The Bard’s Tale (1985) PC game
  • The Bard’s Tale II: The Destiny Knight (1986) PC game
  • The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate (1988) PC game

At this rate, we’ll be seeing The Bard’s Tale Construction Set too… Also available now is support for the 60beat gamepad for iOS players who want to “opt for the original console experience”.

Little more incentive? The Bard’s on sale for a measly $2.99 USD right now. Grab it here.

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  • That controller support bit is especially impressive. I wonder when all those "hardcore" gamers are going to finally acknowledge that the iPad is a genuinely good games device. 

  • It's still my favorite platform to play on when I'm away from my home setup and I bought a Vita. 😛

  • Likewise. I have a 3DS and a Vita, but I find myself using the iPad for gaming – even at home it beats out my TV consoles at times. There's just so much variety in the games. 

    Now if only my iPad wasn't on the verge of death after years of heavy, heavy use and/ or I had the money for the New iPad. 🙁

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