Ash II chapter 2 now available on the App Store

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The second installment of Konami’s old school RPG sequel is questing on over to the App store for your iDevice of choice.

Ash II: Shadows chapter 2 includes an all new character to play as, new dungeons to explore, and brand new goodies to stuff in that bag of holding you’ve been carrying around. How deep is that thing anyway?

In Ash II: Shadows Chapter 2, the world of Aghaus is once again in peril, and the heroes of old must heed the call to embark on another dangerous adventure. Players join characters Nicholas and Damien as they pursue new quests, discover ancient mysteries, and find unexpected allies.  With a brilliantly original tale and stunning HD hand-drawn graphics, Ash II: Shadows features heart pounding classic RPG gameplay with innovative touch-based controls.

Aside from a new quest, the game also promises a host of new technical improvements. Better D-Pad control, a smaller digital footprint on your device, and speedier load times (yay) await you post-download.

Ash II: Shadows chapter 2 is available now in a kingly gold form for $2.99 USD and a lesser, maybe more knave-like, silver version for a cool .99

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  • Oh yes, I'd forgotten this had been released – it's great news! I loved the first part (even if it was a touch easy)

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