The 2012 apocalypse comes in the form of a puzzle game

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The Lightfall Codex (debuting on iOS today) is all about “Mayan-themed puzzle madness”.

It actually looks pretty neat. The game works in a lot of Mayan themes (which is kinda popular right now, what with the end of time and all) and seems like it might be an interesting little puzzler too- oh and the best part? It’s free.

While working as part of an archeological team at Chichén Itzá, you have fallen into a deep cenote. Surely this can’t be good!? As you swim to the shore of the underground pond you discover an ancient hidden temple. You translate the description at the entrance. “Within this temple are the pages of The Lightfall Codex. Only with all of its pages in your grasp can you prevent the world’s impending doom”…
You only have one slight little problem… to either side of the temple doors are Tzompantli skull racks… Within the temple the Mayan gods are protecting each of the ten temple rooms. After centuries of laying in wait they are restless for some fun, and it is your objective to beat them in their games to win each codex page. If they defeat you there will be another skull in the Tzompantli skull racks.

Like what you see? Grab it here.

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