Three new iCade controllers set for release later this year

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iCade Mobile (left) and iCade Core (right)

Perhaps the most prevalent reason people overlook gaming on iOS devices is the lack of buttons. Companies like ION Audio, however, wish to rectify that situation by releasing peripherals that enable certain games to be played entirely with buttons. Not only that, but certain models of their “iCade” products offer an arcade-like experience.

ION Audio unveiled three new iCade models set to release later this year:

The iCade Core allows iPad users to transform their tablets into a miniature arcade machine. The previous model featured a cabinet display, but the Core ditches this in favor of more viewing room and support for both landscape and portrait modes.

The iCade Jr.

The iCade Mobile is intended for iPhone users who want to take their button gaming on the go. It features the traditional face buttons as well as shoulder buttons/triggers. As you might guess, it certainly adds some length to the iPhone.

The iCade Jr. looks to take its bulkier arcade cabinet brethren and apply the experience to the iPhone. Smaller in size and featuring fewer buttons, it’s more of a novelty than anything.

Pricing and developer support (as well as practicality) remain to be seen, but previous models of the iCade line managed to garner quite the audience and some notable indie support.

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