Star Marine: Infinite Ammo lands January 12th

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Glitchsoft’s side-scrolling tribute to the blast-a-thons of old is coming to the app store on January 12th.

As a pretty big fan of all those NES/SNES/Genesis era shooters (like Contra) I’ve been looking forward to developer Glitchsoft’s Star Marine for a while now. Sure it’s generically named and looks like a dozen other shooters that have come before- but that’s kind of the point:

Brought to you by the same team who developed the critically acclaimed Destructopus!, this latest masterpiece from the developer is a Run n’ Gun side-scroller that is inspired by, and features comparable gameplay to iconic titles like Contra, Rapid Reload, and Metal Slug! In this adrenaline rush of a shooter, you play as Arc, a battle hardened drifter who is captured by an alien race in the depths of space. Arc’s capturers plan to enslave him and put his strength to work. Arc however, has other plans! He is a trained and elite Star Marine and in a fury of bullets he is going to take them all down!

Much like the aforementioned Contra, Star Marine promises a bunch of weapons to blast away with and massive, screen filling bosses. But in addition to the usual stuff, it’s also going to be sporting a few additional modes (Boss Rush & Survival), Game Center Achievements, and an ‘in game’ challenge system.

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