3DS System Update 3.0 Now Available

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If you can manage to connect to Nintendo’s servers, you’ll see that the much-awaited “November” update has finally arrived on the 3DS. It adds numerous new features to the console including 3D video recording, new StreetPass mini-games, a new home menu icon, and, most importantly, an updated version of the eShop.

Here’s a list of most of the new additions:

-Accomplishments (similar to achievements, but only for StreetPass)
-Slideshow of collected 3D images from Puzzle Swap
-Music player, featuring 30+ unlockable tracks

-New character hats
-Players met through online community games such as Mario Kart 7 appear in the plaza
-New Puzzle Swap puzzles and Find Mii 2
-Downloadable content
-Sleep mode downloads
-Demo versions of games (playable only a certain amount of times at the specific publisher’s discretion)
-Download codes for promotions
-Ability to save credit card information

-3D video recording of up to 10 minutes (per video, must be saved to SD card)
-Stop-motion animation videos
-Bug Fixes
-More QR code functionality
-Nintendo Zone now accessible to all users via the main menu
-Ability to transfer content from one 3DS to another
-Minor friends list adjustments
-QR codes can be scanned straight off the home menu, with just a tap of L or R

Being Digitally Downloaded and all, we’re most excited about the eShop additions. It’s currently under maintenance, but stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis later on.

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