WayForward to hit iOS platforms with Shantae

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WayForward are 2D gaming geniuses (just check out our review of BloodRayne for proof), so the fact they’re on board with iOS platforms can only be a good thing.

Shantae on iOS has been optimised for the platform and the fact that virtual buttons are not as great as physical buttons for action platformers. According to an interview with Joystiq, WayForward is very happy with how the game plays on iPhone and iPad indeed.

It’ll also look somewhat better than the game’s original DSiWare release, with sharper visuals thanks to the Retina display.

For those who haven’t heard of this game before, it’s a fairly standard 2D platformer, with a lot of personality, and one of the most fun leading ladies in gaming. Shantae’s first appearance was way back on the Game Boy Color, but that game only got a limited release, and many missed it. She returned in a game for DSiWare, but as we all know, that service was hardly spectacular. So this may well be the first time the mass market has been exposed to this awesome genie.

Can’t wait (it also means the game will likely be released in Australia finally).

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