The Impossible Game is coming to PS3

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It’s not actually impossible, but The Impossible Game has been something of a sleeper hit on the Xbox LIVE Indie Arcade Games and iOS platforms.

Now those with PlayStation consoles will be able to experience what is a very addictive, and very challenging “on-rails” platformer. You only have a single control button, the jump button, and the actual content is thin, but trying to get through the game in one go is a challenge that will test any gamer.

Even better, the PlayStation version of the game will have an extra level, Phazd.

With the incredible music and stylish visuals, The Impossible Game is well worth picking up, especially since it will cost just $2.99 and 1.99EUR. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also get an additional discount. Look forward to the PlayStation and PSP version, courtesy of Grip Games. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer below.

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