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Monday, October 17, 2016

Why Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive has given me confidence in the upcoming game

Opinion by Matt S.

So, I finally got around to watching Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive. While it’s not one of the greatest films ever made (though certainly better than previous attempts to make Final Fantasy films), going in to it with the expectation that it was a two-hour cut scene, setting up events for the game that will be released later this year, actually left a really good impression on me. Why? Because, finally, Final Fantasy XV feels like Final Fantasy.

From the previous demos of Final Fantasy XV, we got a sense for how the game would play, and as I’ve written in the past, I came away from that quite impressed with how things were shaping up. What we’ve never really had a sense of is the actual narrative, which, for me, is utterly critical to the experience of a Final Fantasy game.

The snippets that we’d been given from media events and the like were teasers, but something I’d noticed with increasing concern was how little it seemed to resemble the Final Fantasy plots that I’d grown to love. The epic scope typical of a Final Fantasy game, and the typical themes around the tensions between the natural and unnatural, or the sense of spirituality that is common to so many Final Fantasy games, seemed to have been replaced by a personal story of four youths, more like Stand by Me than Final Fantasy. And sure there were chocobos, but otherwise the massive open world that we were being told would occupy a lot of our time looked quite nondescript; fantastic monsters aside, it looked like we might as well be playing a game in the real world than the “fantasy” that the Final Fantasy games are meant to have; it's right in their very titles.

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Why Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive has given me confidence in the upcoming game
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