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Friday, January 24, 2014

So... Paradox is going to kill my wallet with these awesome new games

News by Matt S.

Paradox has some very big plans indeed, which it has revealed at its own convention, underway right now. After a 2013 that included the release of Europa Universalis IV, I honestly wasn't sure if the company could offer anything to top that in 2014... but, well, look at these games. 

First up; Paradox is developing an RPG. I'll let that sink in for a moment. 

Yes. Paradox is developing an RPG. One based on Norse mythology and is called Runemaster. From the teaser trailer below, it looks like it's a top-down kind of deal. Diablo clone? Something else? Regardless, I'm excited, because I have long thought that if there's one genre the guys who made Europa Universalis could do something special with (aside from strategy games, of course), it was the RPG. 

Next up is Hearts of Iron IV. Now, this series of grand strategy games is not for the fainthearted, they're brutally complex games with layer after layer after layer of strategic depth. And for that reason, obviously, the series has a very committed fan base.

Another teaser trailer. This one shows absolutely no gameplay, but as long as it's a refinement on the previous game, then we're in for a treat there too.

Now it's entirely possible that Paradox has even more to show off, but considering it is well past my bedtime, you'll just need to wait until tomorrow morning for me to cover any further announcements (or use Twitter or something).

- Matt S. 
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So... Paradox is going to kill my wallet with these awesome new games
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