Lindsay’s top five games of 2023


It’s the end of the year! And, as always, it’s a good idea to look back and remember the year that was, while looking forward to the new year ahead. 2023 was a bumper year for high-quality games. Here’s Lindsay sharing the five highlights of her 2023 – if you…

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Review: Path of the Midnight Sun (PC)


Mystery. Romance. Monsters. These are common elements of JRPGs. And they are all part of Path of the Midnight Sun, a new indie entry to the genre that has just released. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to preview the game last month. Even in my brief (two…

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JRPG Path of the Midnight Sun launching in early 2023


There was a statement floating around social media on the weekend stating “JRPGs were made during an era that didn’t have the tools to create action RPGs. Nowadays the average gamer doesn’t want random turn-based combats that don’t make any sense.” I don’t know who said that (I saw a…

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