November 2022 Podcast: What’s the best approach for sequels & what forgotten games we want back!


Welcome to the month’s podcast, everyone! As always we’ve got a great show to share with you this month. We kick things off by discussing all the big releases happening in November (there’s a lot). Then we chat about sequels, and specifically, what is the best approach to take. Should…

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November 2021 Podcast: Nintendo 64, Pokémon, and a whole pile of games


We have a very Nintendo-focused podcast this month. With new Pokémon titles out this month (or, at least, remakes of Pokémon titles), we have a good chat about those games, and the broader Pokémon experience – where are things at with the series, and what has made it so enduring?…

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Hands-on with upcoming Square Enix JRPGs, the games of November, and Visual Novel Maker (Digitally Uploaded 2017, Episode #36)


So November might not be quite as busy in terms of game releases as October was, but there’s still plenty to look forward to! We also have a special guest on the podcast, Jay from YouTube channel JayRPG (, who talks to us about Lost Sphear and the Secret of…

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