It’s all about the JRPG this week, with two equally-exciting JRPGs hitting the market! The first is, of course, Octopath Traveller, the new, Nintendo-published love letter to the JRPGs of yesteryear. We chat about that one (without spoilers, of course). Then we chat about Shining Resonance Refrain, the first Shining…

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Nintendo Direct highlights – well, it was a bit muted, really


News by Matt S.  Nintendo held one of its semi-regular Direct shows today, showing off some more with games we already knew about, and announcing some new stuff that we didn’t. To be honest, I found the show rather muted; 2018 has a ways to go for Nintendo before it…

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Recap: Nintendo’s Switch Presentation


Recap by Matt S. and Clark A. Today’s the big day, everyone. Nintendo has finally given us all the details we need to know about its upcoming new console, the Nintendo Switch. Previously, all we’d seen was a vague lifestyle video, showing us how we might be playing the console,…

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