Visual novel Shine On, My Little Sun presents a unique take on an interactive fairy tale made by a tiny Ukrainian studio

Twinkle, twinkle!

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The key art for Shine On, My Little Sun.

It’s fitting that a game titled Shine On, My Little Sun has an almost sparkly quality to it. I think it’s the nighttime setting that does it, you can see all the stars dancing against the inky-dark sky. Announced today, the game is described as a unique take on an interactive fairy tale and follows a settlement of people in a post-apocalyptic world, surviving permanent nighttime with the help of a single star being held in a lighthouse. A reveal trailer is up and the Steam page has launched, but there’s no release date for the time being.

Shine On, My Little Sun is a coming-of-age narrative game about making impactful choices and meeting diverse people who have thrived in a world that was nearly ended. It is described as a tale of hope, acceptance, and resilience. There are three different endings, with your journey tracked in a funny diary.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

Here is an overview of the game’s story:

When the Sun fell, the world was shrouded in darkness. Yet the Sun’s glimmer endured at the heart of Svargo, humanity’s last settlement. The lighthouse of Svargo, once a beacon for ships now entombed in ice, stands tall with the nearly diminished Sun at its pinnacle.

Although not as majestic as it once was, the Sun’s gentle warmth was enough for the people of Svargo to build a haven amidst the frozen wasteland. But what happens when the Sun awakens, forsaking its celestial slumber for a few fleeting days of childhood wonder?

For a visual novel, there is a good amount of gameplay depth here. Backgrounds are interactive and contain hints pointing to the hidden history of the settlement. There are multiple opportunities to get off-track with whimsical side stories as a traveller calls you on a quest to find legendary frog.

Developed by Forpixie Studio and published by Ternox Games, Shine On, My Little Sun will be released for PC via Steam.

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