The catch-up coffee: April 22, 2024

Bees, ducks, and a pinch of magic.

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An un-bee-lievable final free content update is coming to Apico

World Bee Day is coming up on May 20, and I’m buzzing about it! This year, Apico will be celebrating its second anniversary with a big (and final) free content update that will introduce new automation machines, Honeycore Crystals, over a dozen adorable pets, new seasonal events (Hallowbeen in October and Hivemas in December), ten new quests, new decor, new bees, new pollinators, and more. When Update 4.0: Hive of Industry launches for PC and Nintendo Switch, the latter will also be getting Update 3.0: What Lies Beeneath (this update brings underwater bees, fishing, and more).

Here’s the trailer for Update 4.0 on PC and Nintendo Switch:

Here is a trailer for both updates on Nintendo Switch:

Apico is a game that’s all about bees. It combines resource gathering, biology, and mini-games with real-life and fantasy beekeeping techniques. Learn about maintaining a healthy hive and why our pollinating pals are so important. The game has islands that were once filled with different species of bees. Now it’s up to you to rediscover lost species, cross-breed new ones, and repopulate each biome. Make and sell beekeeping products like honey, candles, and incense. You may even discover a secret or two along the way.

Developed by TNgineers and published by Whitethorn Games, Apico is currently available for PC via Steam (and most other sales platforms), PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. Update 4.0: Hive of Industry will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch on May 20. Update 3.0: What Lies Beeneath will also launch for Nintendo Switch on that same day.

Fabledom leaves Early Access on PC in May, with console versions to follow

Early Access players seem to love Fabledom.: after one year in Early Access and nearly 3,000 reviews, it has a very positive rating. The intuitive city builder about colonizing a vast land promises to be accessible, with no need for excel sheets or optimization. I’ve had my eye on it since it was announced in January 2023 but always hoped for console versions. Somewhere out there, someone heard my wish: last week, future console versions of the game were unveiled alongside a date for Fabledom to fully launch for PC.

Fabledom is set in a strange world where fairy tales are reality. Find the promised land, settle, and (hopefully) thrive. Follow the citizens’ lives to witness the growth of the village and watch your relationships with neighbouring kingdoms fluctuate. Every possible resource will be needed to create and shape the kingdom. Building up the economy and trading resources will help your kingdom evolve, and your skills with diplomacy will affect your progress. Find your true love, who will have a large impact on shaping how the game is played. Of course, you’ll need an army to defend yourself. All of this is happening in a world filled with giants, witches, flying pigs, and hidden secrets!

Developed by Grenaa Games and published by Dear Villagers, Fabledom will be fully launched for PC via Steam on May 13. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch versions will be released at a later date.

Potionomics: Masterwork Edition coming to consoles later this year

Potionomics has been available on PC for about a year and a half, and once again I’ve been left twiddling my thumbs waiting for this day: the magical shop sim is coming to consoles this year as an “expanded port.” The game begins with perfecting potion-brewing and building a solid deck of haggling cards. Get to know Rafta’s residents; they will help you collect new recipes, elite ingredients, and new cards. The real magic here? Capitalism!

Potionomics: Masterwork Edition will include all post-launch updates/improvements, new voice acting, an Endless gameplay mode, two new difficulty levels, and more. The new features and content will be available for the PC version at the same time the game launches for consoles.

Developed by Voracious Games and published by XSEED/Marvelous Europe (North America/Europe), Potionomics: Masterwork Edition will be released for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series later this year. The original version is available now for PC via Steam, where it launched in October 2022.

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami launches for PC, Nintendo Switch next month

Short games are often overlooked simply for being short: people want to get the most content for their money. Which is ridiculous: not everyone wants to play a 300 hour game. Some of the best games I’ve played are considered “too short” by the masses. I really hope that Duck Detective: The Secret Salami gets some eyes on its when its is released in about a month.

You are a duck. And you are a detective. It’s pretty straight-forward! Use your powers of de-duck-tion (ha) to inspect evidence, fill in the gaps, and solve the case of a sausage-based conspiracy. But be warned: nothing is quite as it seems in this narrative mystery adventure game.

Developed and published by Happy Broccoli Games, Duck Detective: The Secret Salami will be released for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on May 23.

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