Supernatural otome visual novel 9 R.I.P. will launch physically and digitally for Nintendo Switch in the West later this year

Don't worry, this is nothing like Twilight.

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A screenshot from 9 R.I.P. A woman with her back to us has her hand up against a mirror, behind which is a man doing the same thing.

When I think of Idea Factory otome games, much of what comes to mind is as cute and colourful as the upcoming Cupid Paradise: Sweet and Spicy Darling. Don’t get me wrong, those are wonderful and creative games – but what if an otome visual novel decides to go dark with a supernatural theme? You end up with 9 R.I.P., where players will get swept away with Japanese urban legends, ghosts, demons, and spirits. It has already launched in Japan but now it’s been confirmed that the haunting title will also be coming West for Nintendo Switch – and sometime this year!

Towns always have gossip. It’s usually about who is hooking up with who, which is kind of where 9 R.I.P. ends up leading anyway. Here, there’s an old rumour about people being spirited away. People that are either very anxious (welp, I’m out) or those who are struggling with something are usually the ones chosen.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

Misa Isshiki’s best friend tells her these stories during her second year of high school. Her heart skips a beat, but why? She doesn’t believe in anything like that anyway. Sure, her life is filled about immense amounts of stress relating to her future, but there’s no way someone (or something) is just going to grab her one day. But then Misa started hearing an eerie voice offering to look into the future and chose the “right” path for her and strange things begin to happen around her…

Get spirited away or uncover thrilling truths in the real world. For those wanting a story veering towards the spookier side of things, there’s a route called School Ghost Stories where you become trapped in a school where some murders occurred. And there’s ghosts. And probably stories. Don’t worry, you can still romance someone! There are actually eight romance options to explore throughout 9 V.I.P.

Idea Factory likes to add layers to its otome games and this one is no different. Being in the spirit world will take its toll on you, and your choices will impact your affection for hotties as well as your psyche. Making the right wrong choices can make you insane… or change you into something else entirely.

9 R.I.P. will be getting two physical editions through the IFI Online Stores, one standard and one limited. Idea Factory International, in my opinion, has some of the best limited editions around; while the contents of this one haven’t been revealed, it should be good.

Developed by Idea Factory/Design Factory and published by Idea Factory International, 9 R.I.P. will be released in the West for Nintendo Switch later this year. It launched in Japan last June.

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