Search for your missing bestie in Metroidvania game Venture to the Vile, launching on PC this May

The Vile is taking over an entire town.

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The key art for Venture to the Vile.

Your friend is lost. Your town is cursed. And you have mysterious new powers. Welcome to Rainybrook! 2.5D Metroidvania Venture to the Vile is set in a quaint town, where a darkness called The Vile is taking over everything is touches… almost. The dynamic world includes puzzles, hidden areas, quirky characters, and multiple storylines. Venture to the Vile was announced today with a trailer and a May 2024 release date.

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You’re in the woods with Ella when you hear a scary sound. While fleeing, the ground gives out under your feet and drops you into a cave (while you were unconscious). Imagine your surprise when you snap back to real life and a monster is grabbing your arm, corrupting it. Despite your shock and confusion, you manage to escape.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

It turns out the town has been taking over by The Vile. But instead of falling to it, our hero has actually absorbed part of the monster and can now change his arm into a claw. Time to figure out where the outbreak begins so the doctor might be able to find a cure. While completing that task, encounter stories of missing people, folklore legends, and forgotten lands… but really, the intent always comes back to finding Ella.

What will be the cost of absorbing the Vile? You’ll get more power, yes. But you’ll also become unrecognisable and grotesque while taking on its characteristics. Then again… you’ll gain great new abilities to enhance your progress and your ability to defeat enemies. Ah heck, let’s go for it anyway!

The world unexpectedly evolves depending on the time of day or weather condition, opening up new questions, surprise upgrades, new monsters, and new stories. Learn about quirky NPS like Dr. Crow, the mad scientist, Mr. Finch and Mr. Dove (loveably inept criminals), Ernie Sparrow (the town gossip), and Batty Badger (and eccentric tailor).

Developed by Cut to Bits and published by Aniplex, Venture to the Vile will be released for PC via Steam on May 7. PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions are expected late this year.

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