2.5D steampunk Metroidvania game Steam Trigger launching for PC, consoles this year

Exciting challenges await.

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The key art for Steam Trigger.

Tokyo-based developer x-climb Inc. will be releasing what I believe is its first title, Steam Trigger, for PC and consoles later this year. Players can immerse themselves in the steampunk 2.5D Metroidvania that fuses industrial progress with Victorian aesthetics and is set in the sprawling metropolis of Veridium. It is the time of the annual Clockwork Gala, a display of mechanical marvels drawing in international crowds, and at the centre is a brilliant inventor with a fiery spirit named Eva.

As the Gala progresses, Eva unveils the Steam Trigger. It is a big mechanical suit powered by a mysterious energy source – Aetherium. This is where the big bad comes in. Lord Malachi and his rogue groups of inventors are planning a Clockwork Rebellion to seize control of all Aetherum deposits in Veridium.

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It is up to Eva to unravel Lord Malachi’s machinations. She’ll point her steam trigger at the monstrous creature in order to face the machine that threatens the well-being (and existence, perhaps) of Veridium. The game is about human ingenuity triumphing versus mechanical monstrosities. Eva is a determined female lead in this clockwork-infused world.

There is a blend of horizontal and vertical scrolling while navigating the game’s landscapes, adding some unpredictability to the journey. The enemies, from humanoid to fearsome wolves, are all donning intricate steampunk attire. Powerful bosses each require a unique strategy to defeat, challenging the player’s combat abilities.

Here is an early gameplay trailer from a few months back:

Eva isn’t just an inventor. She is a skilled, katana-wielding warrior that fights with finesse. She’ll need to use a combination of slashing, jumping, and sliding movements. It’s not all fighting, though, as a big part of the game is exploration and discovery. Players can uncover hidden paths and secrets that help enhance the gaming experience.

Developed and published by x-climb Inc, Steam Trigger will be released for PC and consoles (no specifics were announced) later in 2024.

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