The catch-up coffee: January 8, 2024

It just may be a happy new year!

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Cherrymochi and Bushiroad Games team up for new VN IP

Cherrymochi is busy these days! The Tokyo Dark developer has already announced that it is working on Exit Veil, its second title; it centres around the mystical world of Tarot. Over the weekend, Bushiroad Games announced that it will be working with Cherrymochi on a new visual novel IP, Dusk Index. The first game in the series, Dusk Index: Gion, was announced via a short trailer amongst some for other future Bushiroad titles.

So far, that’s unfortunately all that is known about the psycho-suspense adventure visual novel. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more news on the game, which is set to launch for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Check out the Shinjuku hub in Tokyo Underground Killer

Dive into the criminal underground of Tokyo in FPS/action game Tokyo Underground Killer, where players tale on the role of feared “Shinjuku Vampire” Kobayashi. Between missions, explore the nightlife of Shinjuku: pachinko, capsule toy machines, and hostess clubs await.

Kobayashi is equipped with a mystical sword and supernatural powers thanks to the blood of his enemies. In addition to the sword, he has 13 blood skills and seven weapons. He’ll take out the craziest lunatics for the right price. When Tokyo is overrun by Flatliners, an entirely new world of insanity and depravity shows itself. In between missions, explore Shinjuku, buying collectibles and goods to decorate Kobayashi’s apartment.

Developed and published by Phoenix Game Productions, Tokyo Underground Killer will be released for PC via Steam in 2024.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms will no longer be a mobile exclusive

I adore the Reigns series, but I hate that until now Reigns: Three Kingdoms has been locked behind a Netflix subscription. Playing on anything but a phone/tablet seems odd to me, but it’s better than nothing right? The game, based on the beloved Chinese epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is now set to come to PC and Nintendo Switch this week.

The basis of Reigns games is pretty simple: swipe left or right to make decisions. That’s the bulk of the gameplay. It’s like tinder for world-shaping decisions. In Reigns: Three Kingdoms, players swipe though military negations, marry to make alliances, and recruit soldiers for turn-based card battles. The game is set in the final years of the Han dynasty, known to be rather turbulent. Encounter familiar factions, wars, and heroes. There are dozens of quests with specific arcs. For the first time, players can battle others in online ranked card battles.

Developed by Nerial and published by Devolver Digital, Reigns: Three Kingdoms will be released for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on January 11.

The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication coming to consoles in addition to PC in Japan

A standalone sequel to The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation (published outside of Asia by eastasiasoft), The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication is a reimagined adaptation of a thriller film titles The Bridge Curse 2: Ritual. The movie doesn’t have the best ratings online, but maybe the game will be better than its source material thanks to the “reimagined” part? The game was originally announced for PC only, but now there’s confirmation that it will also be launching for consoles. There’s only been one trailer released for The Bridge Curse: The Extrication, and that was sixth months ago; still, here it is:

This first-person horror game uses a modern campus ghost story as a plot for multiple character perspectives: it is set at Wen Hua University, one of the top ten most haunted universities in Taiwan. A group of students holds a Carnival of Horror to attract new members to the film club, planning on reenacting a bizarre on-campus case from decades prior. But as they start to film, strange things begin to happen. Simultaneously, a reported arrives to the campus after getting a letter about a mysterious missing persons case from the past. They piece together clues and unravel the mystery, unveiling a massive conspiracy. Demons are closing in and doom is imminent – so will anyone survive/

Developed by Softstar Entertainment and published in Japan/Asia by Game Source Entertainment, The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One in 2024.

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