Dangen Entertainment will be publishing Cherrymochi-developed Exit Veil

Let the tarot deck guide you.

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The key art for Exit Veil.

Cherrymochi has only developed a single title to date: the phenomenal Tokyo Dark. But that game was so good that there’s been anticipation leading up to Exit Veil for years now. The occult RPG follows Tori, a lost soul navigating a beautiful and terrifying world on the brink of decay; it is described as a mesmerizing journey through a dark-psychedelic labyrinth. Today, it was announced that Dangen Entertainment will be publishing the game.

Tori is drawn into a new realm by a cryptic plea from a lost family member, and finding herself at the centre of a world where the ethereal and the mundane intertwine. The realm is dominated by Archetypes, Egregores, Servitors, Daemons, Angels, and The Machine-Elves. There is a malevolent source of decay lurking deep within the Labyrinthine Realms. Players will follow Tori as she attempts to restore harmony and balance, healing the realms. If she cannot succeed, she’ll wander lost within the labyrinth forever.

If that’s not interesting enough, here’s the hook for me: the gameplay is centred around the mystical world of Tarot. (This seems to be popular right now; The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood also has a Tarot-like mechanic.) Players will find themselves immersed within the unique Exit Veil tarot deck, unlocking insights that extend beyond the game and into the realm of self-discovery. The tarot card system will guide players as they seek to heal the realms, discover their true selves, and discover what lies at the heart of it all. While collecting tarot cards, engage in turn-based battles reminiscent of MMO healer classes. The tarot deck powers the player’s in-game abilities while also serving as a bridge to concealed secrets within the game world. A real, physical Exit Veil tarot deck will also be available.

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For those heading to Tokyo Game Show 2023, an early development sample of Exit Veil will be playable at both Cherrymochi and Dangen Entertainment’s booths.

Developed by Cherrymochi and published by Dangen Entertainment, Exit Veil will be released for PC and “consoles,” though specific platforms are still TBD. The launch date remains a mystery.

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