Post-apocalyptic sci-fi action RPG AI Limit will launch for PC and PS5 this year

Welcome to a world infected with The Mud.

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The key art for AI Limit.

Back in 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai and developer Sense Games announced AI Limit, an action RPG set to launch for PlayStation 4 as part of the second wave of PlayStation China Hero Project titles. The program, supported by SIE Shanghai, supports Chinese developers to enter both local and international markets; it is behind games such as the excellent ANNO: Mutationem, which Matt streamed the first hour of back in May 2022. AI Limit was shown off a couple of times at ChinaJoy 2019, but news has been relatively quiet since then. A few days ago, Sense Games and publisher CE-Asia kind of re-announced AI Limit, stating that it will be released for PC and PlayStation 5 this year (nope, no PlayStation 4 anymore). In addition, there’s a new gameplay trailer that also features some of the lore and locations of the game.

AI Limit is set far in the future. Civilisation fell long ago, and the world has become infected with the Mud, a mysterious substance. Monsters roam the land, and those still living are struggling to survive. Play as Arrisa, an entity known as Blader. She has the ability to regenerate. While trying to unveil the truth behind the apocalypse and begin a new world, she will explore the ruins of ancient cities that are filled with monsters.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

While facing off against her foes, Arrisa went through countless deaths and rebirths. She is skilled, though, and often finds opportunities in the onslaught that allows her to turn the tide. After another difficult battle, she continues on her journey like it is any other day.

Arrisa can wield multiple weapons, each with unique moves and skill sets. Arrisa can learn new attack choices with the weapon skills system. She had a left-hand mechanism that allows her to use dozens of spells to amp up her attacks. Using Blader’s ability, Arrisa can also extract information from old-world artefacts scattered in the ruins.

AI Limit promises a rich environment, with bizarre city ruins hiding weapons and clothes, guarded by monsters or tucked away in alleys. These items can include incredible power, but also enhance Arrisa’s appearance.

Developed by Sense Games and published by CE-Asia, AI Limit will be released for PC via Steam and PlayStation 5 sometime this year (which is 2024, if you keep forgetting like I do).

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