Want to be a ninja? Want to be a cowgirl? Want to be a Peach? Princess Peach: Showtime! has got you covered

That darned Grape and the Sour Bunch!

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The key art for Princess Peach: Showtime!

Princess Peach deserves more airtime. Yes, the movie helped, but she hasn’t had her own game in nearly two decades (the last time was 2005’s Super Princess Peach). It’s well past due. Princess Peach: Showtime! was announced back in September 2023 at a Nintendo Direct. The thing I love about Nintendo is that they rarely beat around the bush: there’s a game announcement, and at the same time it announces the release date, then it’s barely more than six months until Princess Peach: Showtime! The action-adventure game follows everyone’s favourite pink-clad royal as she tries to save a trip to the theatre. She’s a classy princess, that Peach.

Princess Peach gets to bask in the spotlight once more as her trip to the Sparkle Theatre goes a bit… off-script. The wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch have stolen the show! Peach will team up with Stella, the theatre’s guardian, and use a powerful ribbon to call curtains on this tragedy.

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Using the ribbon, Princess Peach takes on different starring roles. At the Nintendo Direct I mentioned above, we are introduced to Swordfighter Peach (en garde!), Detective Peach (whodunnit?), Patisserie Peach, and Kung-Fu Peach. As Swordfighter Peach, she’ll engage in sensational swordplay with the Sour Bunch. As Detective Peach, she’ll solve a museum mystery. And so on, with each version of Peach and her stage having their own style and genre.

Today’s new trailer (below) shows off Ninja Peach and Cowgirl Peach. Ninja Peach is a master of stealth, and will use shrubbery props as cover while she moves around. Deadly with a pair of kunai, she can gracefully wall-jump much like her dear friend Mario. She also has the ability to use bamboo as a snorkel while in Ninja form, though that isn’t shown in the trailer. Cowgirl Peach is great with a lasso, and seems to know her way around horse racing.

At the same time the game launches, Nintendo will release super adorable pastel pink Joy-Con controllers for a limited time. Granted, it’s the same pink as the pink/yellow set – but now there’s two!

Developed and published by Nintendo, Princess Peach: Showtime! will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 22.

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