Touch iconic paintings in hidden object adventure Please, Touch the Artwork 2

A sequel I'm actually surprised to see.

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The key art for Please, Touch the Artwork 2.

If you haven’t play Please, Touch the Artwork, then you’re really missing out. Matt briefly covered its PC version in January 2022, stating that it may just be the most colourful puzzle game he’s ever seen. In a world where sequels are the norm, I can honestly say that I did not see Please, Touch the Artwork 2 coming. It features a completely different gameplay mechanic, focusing on finding hidden objects in iconic paintings from James Ensor (a Belgian pioneer in the world of Modern Art).

While the gameplay is different, the idea is the same: immerse players in the captivating realm of a renowned modern artist. Please, Touch the Artwork 2 is a hidden object adventure that should remind players of the Where’s Waldo/Wally? concept. It allows players to uncover the deeper layers of Ensor’s paintings.

There is a bit of a story here, too. Assist a skeleton as it wanders around navigating a surreal, hand-painted universe and collects hidden objects for its quirky inhabitants. Players will be solving casual puzzles and fixing gaps/cracks in paintings. There are four distinct worlds, each brimming with artwork. Discover hidden treasures and unravel mysteries within the paintings.

The game comes at art with a light-hearted and playful approach, making it delightful and accessible for a wide range of people. If a player gets stuck, they can request a hint. This aids in the mission of making the game accessible, as nobody wants to encounter a seemingly-unsolvable puzzle. Navigate the world simply by clicking where you want to go. Use the zoom function to delve into intricate details.

Please, Touch the Artwork isn’t a hidden object game at all. Rather, it includes three puzzle games based on three Piet Mondrian paintings. De Stijl (The Style) is the origin story of abstract art; players add lines and colours to a canvas to recreate paintings. Boogie Woogie is about reunited two squares across a rapidly-growing world; help Woogie reach Boogie by figuring out how obstacles influence his path. New York City has the player moving to the Big Apple only to find themselves overwhelmed with mixed emotions; players will move through the craziness of the city while collecting letters to form a poem.

Developed and published by Studio Waterzooi, Please, Touch the Artwork 2 will be released for iOS/Android and PC/Mac via Steam in early 2024. Please, Touch the Artwork is currently available for iOS/Android, PC via Steam/, and Nintendo Switch – I hope the sequel comes to Nintendo Switch as well!

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