Sci-fi adventure game Between Horizons launches in early 2024

It's time to re-evaluate your moral compass.

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The key art for Beyond Horizons.

Detective adventure is one of my favourite video game genres; I adore finding evidence and putting together clues to solve a mystery. Players do just that in Beyond Horizons, where they take on the role of Stella aboard a ship (the Zephyr) en route to a distant star. Stella is the ship’s Chief of Security, and will dive into the conspiracy behind an incident that threatens to disrupt the Zephyr’s social order and foil its mission. The game is set to land on PC and consoles in early 2024.

This 2.5 pixel art adventure emphasises branching narratives, exploration, and investigation. Players use their (hopefully keen) detective skills to solve problems aboard the Zephyr. Collect clues, connect evidence, and confront the ship’s citizens. There’s also lots of opportunities to make decisions that will impact the overall story. But even the “wrong” decision won’t end the story, and players will have to continue on facing the gravity of their choices.

I wish I had a recent trailer to share with you, but alas, I do not. Here’s a gameplay trailer from four months ago to give you an idea what the game is like:

The evidence system is flexible, and allows players to assign clues, confront citizens about them and submit any case alongside linked evidence. Everything found is connected – but how? The exciting and possibly plausible plot presents a number of thought-provoking problems that has the player weighing intergenerational responsibility against personal freedom.

There are no second chances: if players make a bad choice, they’ll have to live with the consequences. You’d think that you’d just be able to force close the game and return to a time pre-decision, but no. The “new and improved” auto-save system makes sure there is no going back.

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Between Horizons blends investigation with a branching sci-fi story. It is set in an ever-expanding Metroidvania-style environment. Pixel art is combined with 3D environments to create a unique art style.

Developed by DigiTales Interactive and published by Assemble Entertainment, Between Horizons will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series in early 2024. A free demo is available through Steam now.

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