Honeycomb gets an updated title and a new release window, console versions announced

PC and console versions to launch simultaneously.

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The key art for Honeycomb: The World Beyond.

Honeycomb is a sci-fi survival sandbox game developed by a studio out of Poland, Frozen Way (co-developer of House Flipper). Previously expected to be released later this year, the game’s launch window has been pushed back to Q3 2024 so that the game launches in its entirety rather than in early access. The delay is also caused by developing console versions alongside the PC version of the game – the developer wants all versions to launch simultaneously. In addition, the game has a new subtitle. The full title is now Honeycomb: The World Beyond.

The game was originally called Honeycomb because nature is the inspiration behind the game, as it plays a role in the survival of our planet. Without bees, we’d be screwed. Game mechanics are tied closely to the process of cross-pollination and humanity’s struggle to survive, so “Honeycomb” represents Earth. A safe, well-known space with a closed and limited environment. “The World Beyond” was added because the developer wants players to see a realm that stretches past our comfort zones.

A new trailer has been released for Honeycomb: The World Beyond, showing prospective players the mysterious and diverse world of Sota7, crucial in-game mechanics, and the current stage of development.

All this probably makes little sense without knowing about the game itself, doesn’t it? Honeycomb: The World Beyond puts players on an uninhabited planet (Sota7) as a pioneer, carrying the weight of a mission that could save the world on their shoulders. It is a journey of scientific exploration and survival on a planet that is friendly yet hostile. Sota7 is extremely biodiverse, with calm forests, vibrant jungles, and vast fields leading to a volcano. Create a home and use that safe space for research, trying to save the Earth’s ecosystem with innovative bioengineering mechanics.

While treating the planet with the utmost respect, extract samples and procure resources in order to find familiar patterns. Create new life forms that may be able to fit in with the current flora and fauna – maybe one of those species will be the key to solving Earth’s ecological problems. In-game mechanics include allogamy and grafting, allowing players to create stunning hybrids. You can’t do research without somewhere to conduct it, though, so planning and building a modular base is imperative. It can be adapted as required. At the base’s centre lies the laboratory, where all the good science-y stuff happens.

Developed by Frozen Way and published by Frozen Way/Frozen District/PlayWay, Honeycomb: The World Beyond will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series in Q3 2024.

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