Action RPG Astlibra Revision launches for Nintendo Switch this week

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The key art for Astlibra Revision.

Astlibra Revision is a JRPG with an interesting concept: take a familiar story that gradually evolves into something unexpected, subverting traditional plot elements and characters. It first launched for PC in October 2022, and since then fans have been requesting a Nintendo Switch version – and it’s about to happen! Astlibra Revision is set to launch for the platform in a few days.

The game is a side-scrolling action RPG that one man has been developing for 15 years: 15 years for Astlibra, then 1.5 years for Revision. Revision has redrawn characters and monsters by Shigatake, and dragon monsters drawn by Haku Tatsufuchi.

The protagonist’s hometown has been besieged by demons, beginning the path to an epic battle about the demon kind. The protagonist must venture into no man’s land in attempt to find his childhood friend. He’ll have to traverse multiple locations. Use magical abilities, or choose to hack and slash at enemies with weapons. Explore the world, battle forward, and upgrade skills.

Here’s the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer from a few weeks ago:

Astlibra Revision is broken into multiple chapters and follows the main character and his talking bird companion and they confront time and their fates. Stamina and skill are essential, as aggressive bosses with fill the screen while the side-scrolling action continues.

The game can take approximately 60 to 90 hours to complete, and features battles with a wide varieties of enemies and bosses. There is a large array of armour, weapons, shields, magic staves, and projectiles; there are also magical spells and crafting. It promises a perfect mix of action, stats, management, and good old action-RPG.

Developed by Keizo and published by Whisper Games, Astlibra Revision will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 16. It is currently available for PC via Steam, and it is Steam Deck verified.

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