Witchy Life Story will launch on consoles this October

Be a cozy cute witch just in time for Halloween.

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Look, even I can only play so much Wylde Flowers. After playing for over 200 hours across three platforms, there’s only so much I can do. So I am on constant alert for cozy, witchy games for Nintendo Switch, the kind that I can curl up in bed and enjoy on a cool autumn evening. Wholesome visual novel Witchy Life Story may be just what I am looking for. It’s been available on PC for a year now, but it’s set to launch for Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series just before Halloween.

The game follows a chaotic teenager’s first two weeks on the job as the village witch. There’s a robust character creator to design the main character, which includes customisation options including body type, skin colour, and preferred pronouns. Then head to the sleepy town of Flora and help the inhabitants as they get ready for the upcoming harvest festival.

Villagers will request spells and rituals, which are made by brewing potions of flowers and herbs grown in your own garden. As time passes, you’ll build friendships with your clients. This leads to expanding your grimoire of skills with tarot readings and guided meditations. Soon, you’ll be able to help people in ways they don’t even know they need.

Tend to the garden to collect plants used in magical recipes, rituals, and other experiments that are definitely Official Witch Business. You can decorate your altar with spells, crystals, and plants collected during your stay in Flora. It’s not all magic and gardening, through, no: don’t forget the romance! There are three romanceable characters, so just maybe you’ll end up with the date to the harvest festival.

Developed and published by Sundew Studio, Witchy Life Story will be released for Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series on October 19. It is current available for PC via Steam.

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