Visit Oceania in an upcoming expansion pack for Planet Zoo

Yep, the 2019 game is still getting expansions!

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The key art for Planet Zoo's Oceania Pack, featuring a Kiwi bird overlooking a habitat with lots of water and bridges.

Planet Zoo launched four years ago, with Matt C. describing it as “a spiritual successor to tycoon games of days gone by, with more depth and more freedom for creativity.” You can read the rest of his review here. After all this time, some developers would have abandoned the game, but not Frontier Developments! Today, it announced a new expansion pack coming to the ultimate zoo simulation: the Oceania Pack.

Discover iconic flora and fauna from various locations in the Oceanian continent. Encounter the curious Kiwi through the forests of New Zealand, or sail further to meet the Tasmanian Devil. Row along the South Coast of Australia to discover a Little Penguin colony, or take a hike to Rottnest Island to find the lovable Quokka. There’s even a Spectacled Flying Fox!

Over 200 scenery pieces will be added, inspired by the rich traditions of Polynesia. There are intricately carved Tiki Statues, straw huts, and colourful Leis in addition to volcanic rock, glow-in-the-dark faux lava, and distinctive foliage like the Nīkau Palm and Silver Fern.

A Career Scenario has also been added, following Bernie’s daughter Emma Goodwin as she works on a special conservation project in the Oceanic region. Help her fix up the place, adding infrastructure and making sure plants are diverse enough. Also, take part in establishing a breeding program to make sure the creatures unique to the area are around for generations to come.

Launching alongside the new expansion pack is a free base-game update that brings a several extras and enhancements, including Viewing Domes. Viewing Domes bring a whole new viewing experience to visitors, allowing them to see habitats via an underground network without needing a path or tunnel. Simply place a Viewing Dome entrance on the habitat barrier and then place the Viewing Dome itself anywhere inside the habitat; they will be automatically connected. Multiple domes can be placed in a single habitat. They can even be placed underwater by first placing the Viewing Dome, then adding water to the terrain.

Developed and published by Frontier Developments, Planet Zoo is currently available for PC via Steam. The Oceania Pack will be released on September 19.

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