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Learn about Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (remake) in this new overview trailer

During a Nintendo Direct presentation last September, Nintendo announced two titles that got its first-party games fans excited: Princess Peach: Showtime! and a remake of GameCube title Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Princess Peach: Showtime! launched a little over a month ago, so all of the attention can now be focused on the Paper Mario remake. Compared to the original from 20 years ago (oh my god I’m so old, I was in college 20 years ago), this Nintendo Switch version has revamped graphics and a “suite of additional changes that will make the game easier than ever to enjoy” – whatever that means.

The nefarious X-Nauts are going after the treasure sealed behind the Thousand-Year Door. Armed with a map from Princess Peach and some help from locals, Mario will travel though a world made of paper trying to collect the Crystal Stars before those naughty X-Nauts can. Players will level up Mario and his friends, master timing-based attacks to impress the audience, and make use of fun paper-based abilities like folding into a plane to cross a big gap or turning sideways to get through a narrow opening.

Developed and published by Nintendo, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door will be released for Nintendo Switch on May 23.

Sci-fi VN Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog launches “this winter,” physical editions announced

Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog is set during Planetary Calendar 214, which is four years after the Solar War ended. The game’s protagonist lost a lot of crewmates during the war but now they are re-assigned to the Jovian patrol ship Gun-Dog, which has been dispatched to investigate mysterious signals coming from the edge of Jovian space. Unfortunately for all on board, a new danger is lurking deep in the ocean of stars. As the Gun-Dog’s security officer, the protagonist will attempt to save the ship from the unknown. It can’t be that easy, though, so the crew starts falling apart thanks to paranoia, conspiracies, and vendettas. Can these challenges be overcome and the mission successfully completed?

In partnership with Meridiem Games, physical editions of Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog will be released for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in Europe. In partnership with PM Studios, a physical edition will be released for PlayStation 5 in North America. Physical editions are dubbed “Starship Editions,” and include a printed concept artbook and a game sleeve.

Developed by Space Colony Studios and published by Astrolabe Games, Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog will be released digitally for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch “this winter” (probably somewhere between December 2024 and March 2025).

SelectaPlay has partnered with Astrolabe Games to distribute Luto in Asia

First-person psychological horror game Luto seems really intense. Players take on the role of a person in a state of despair who is unable to leave their house, but they sure want to. Go through a series of paths challenging their senses and uncovering untold fears and phobias in an attempt to leave. It will not be easy. Can fact be deciphered from fiction?

Here is Luto’s most recent trailer from four months ago, announcing a demo:

Luto publisher Selectaplay has partnered with Astrolabe Games to distribute the game in Asian territories. Luto will also now have more language versions: Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and English.

“Partnering with Astrolabe Games opens an exciting new opportunity for gamers worldwide to experience Luto’s terrifying narrative,” says Javi Puertas, Head of Gaming at SelectaPlay, in a press release. “Playing Luto in their own language will allow gamers to be fully immersed in the terrifying and story narrative and be drawn deeper into the game world than ever before.”

Developed by Broken Bird Games, Luto will be released digitally for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series sometime later this year.

The Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth trilogy will launch in the West next month

For the first time since the original PS Vita release, the Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth trilogy will be playable on the go again (as well as at home) when it launches for current consoles next month. In Japan, the three titles will receive physical and digital versions for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In North America and Europe, the titles will have digital launches for Nintendo Switch only. Despite being announced second, the Western versions will launch two days prior to the Japanese versions.

Here is the Japanese announcement trailer from last month:

In Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1, Neptune was defeated in a battle for supremacy in the War of the Guardians and banished from the heavens. She also loses all of her memories, though a mysterious book appears containing all knowledge of Gamindustri’s history. She will have to embark on a journey across four nations in attempt to save the entire world.

In Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Sisters Generation, morality basically doesn’t exist anymore. 80 percent of students are rumoured to worship a being known only as Arfoire and the authorities can’t be bothered with that threat. Gamindustri has descended into chaos. The Goddesses will try to reclaim their world from ASIC’s firm grip. Will they succeed, or will they have to wander eternally lost in the Gaminndustri Graveyard?

In Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 V Generation, Neptune has been sucked off (Ghosts reference, sorry) into an alternate dimension that is basically an ’80s version of her Gamindustri. She will have to collect enough shares to open the path back to her own dimension, which would be easy save for a nefarious alliance that wants to get rid off all Goddeses… Neptune included. Neptune will have to force cross-dimensional friendships, defeat the Seven Sages, save the alternate dimension, and return to her own or she will be stuck in the ’80s forever.

Developed by Idea Factory/Compile Heart and published by Idea Factory (Japan)/Idea Factory International (North America and Europe), the Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth trilogy will be released for Nintendo Switch on May 21 in North America and PlayStation 4 plus Nintendo Switch on May 23 in Japan.

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