New Lies of P trailer introduces some fearsome foes

These boss fights seem epic.

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The key art for Lies of P. Pinocchio is standing between three enemies. He's holding a sword with one hand while his other glows blue. He is in front of a very elaborate building, with a sign nearby for a festival.

Pinocchio has had many, many retellings over the years, from books to films to games. Lies of P, though, seems like something special. Described as a dark reimagining of the classic tale, the soulslike game was first announced back in 2019, and it is nearly time for it to see the light of day; it will be released next week, with digital deluxe pre-orders granting access three days early. This seems like a good a time as any to drop a trailer showcasing some of the enemies that will be encountered during the game, including bosses.

Lies of P is set in a cruel and dark Belle Epoque (late-19th to early-20th century) world, where all of humanity is lost in a city that has become a living hell. Play as Pinnochio, a puppet mechanoid who awakes at an abandoned train station in the city overwhelmed by madness and bloodlust. There’s a note in front of him that directs him to find Mr. Geppetto. He must always lie to others to become human. Interconnected procedural quests play out depending on how players lie; these choices will also affect how the story ends. Since Pinocchio is a doll, change out parts of his body to gain new skills; not all of the enhancements are for fighting, though. Weapons can be combined to create something new, so research the best combinations and make something special.

The trailer (below) features horrendous mutated monsters and the King of Puppets himself, demonstrating the game’s variety of combat encounters as well as the impressive scale of boss fights.

The game will be available both physically and digitally, each with a standard and deluxe edition. Pre-orders for the digital standard edition come with the Mischievous Puppet’s Set outfit. Digital deluxe edition pre-orders get the Great Venigni’s Set outfit, a unique mask, and the ability to access the game three days early (an increasing trend that I’m not fond of). The physical deluxe edition comes in a tome-inspired collector’s box and a 92-page artbook; it also comes with a digital soundtrack, the Great Venigni’s Set outfit, and a unique mask.

Developed by Round8 Studio and published by Neowiz, Lies of P will be released for Mac vis App Store, PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on September 19.

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