Kitty-themed fishing RPG Whisker Waters announced

It couldn't be any cuter!

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I know Merge Games for working on some really cute titles, including My Time on Frog Island and Mineko’s Night Market. Yes, the publisher has worked on numerous not-so-cute titles, but it’s the cozy ones that I’m drawn to. Today, it announced fantasy fishing RPG Whisker Waters, launching in 2024. Players will take on the role of a young kitty who sets out on a whimsical adventure to become a legendary Fishing Ranger. It reminds me a bit of Fishing Paradiso, but far more complex and with way more cats.

Whisker Waters combines light fantasy with the art of fishing to create a mesmerizing world. Create and play as your own Cat character (yay customisation!) and embark on a fishing journey like nothing seen before. Use a variety of fishing tools and techniques to explore the semi-open world, complete quests, and catch a wide array of fish. Each fish has unique behaviour, making the fishing experience challenging yet rewarding. The game is said to be easy to play, hard to master, which actually brings it out of the cozy genre a bit for me. There are no swords in sight, just clever fishing techniques to push you forward.

Here, cats, bears, and birds live together in harmony. What an odd combination – we all know cats stereotypically like to attack birds, while bears like to attack pretty much anything living. Not here, though! Join them, befriend them, and help them out to get awesome rewards and unlock cool new gear to use on your journey. There are various regions, each different from the other and possessing its own narrative. Be part of the tale of adventure, mystery, and companionship. Unravel the stories and let their enchantment become part of the journey.

Developed by Underbite Games and published by Merge Games, Whisker Waters will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch early next year.

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