The intricate Tea Garden Simulator is available now for PC

When I say intricate, I mean VERY intricate.

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Tea Garden Simulator first launched in early access back in April 2021, but today it’s been fully released for PC via Steam. The immersive experience has players exploring the world of tea production, from selecting terroir and clones to mastering plucking and processing. Basically, become a tea scientist and make cool things. And it all kind of happens at once, so you have to keep an eye on things.

Cultivate and manage your own tea plantation, and design and implement your unique tea processing methods. As your empire expands, you’ll create specialty tea brands with distinctive process chains, then sell them in your very own Tea Store.Nothing is that easy in life though, is it? So expect challenges like pests, weather variations, and irrigation conundrums; some may help, but others may hinder your progress.

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The game is said to be an authentic simulation, with players benefiting from real-world tea chemistry thanks to expert insights from renowned tea estates. It combines tradition and innovation to make for a relatively realistic tea production chain. The achievements are even from a business and tea mastery perspective.

Here’s Tea Garden Simulator’s release date trailer from last week:

Tea Garden Simulator is loaded with features and mechanics, and I don’t say that lightly. There’s tea diversity (white, green, oolong, black, and more), terroir selection, land preparation, clones with consequences, scheduling and progression, harvest timing, pest management, pruning and plucking, crafting, control and quality, and specialty tea brands. There are two modes, campaign and sandbox.

If you’re not sold, there is a free demo version available. It features two seasons, allowing players to experience most of the game’s features.

Developed by Flying Robot Studios and published by SYV Games, Tea Garden Simulator is available now for PC via Steam.

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