Magical strategy RPG Affogato launching later this month

Rid people of their inner demons.

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Affogato has players managing a coffee shop, listening to their customers enchanting stories, and using witchy powers to get rid of their inner demons. It’s kind of like Coffee Talk, plus strategic battles. It offers 30 unique “reverse tower defense” battle stages, a strategic arsenal of distinct Witch Cards, and engaging story lines that involve working on your barista skills. And it’s launching quite soon: later this month.

The game is set in a city of eternal night, and is brought to life with anime-style visuals. It follows a sorceress managing a café and trying to master the intricate art of coffee brewing. She’ll form bonds with diverse customers, enter their minds to defeat their inner demons, and strategize battles using unique Witch Cards. She’ll have to embrace her destiny and become the sorceress who brings light to the city’s eternal night.

The gameplay isn’t quite the normal tower defense battles; rather, they’re reverse tower defense battles with ever-changing landscapes and tactical demons. Each stage promises a fresh experience. During battle, your roster of Witch Cards are your allies. Each one has its own abilities and powers, letting you craft your ideal team to overcome challenges.

It’s not all battle, though. Players will also build meaningful connections with customers by listening to their stories, resolving their inner conflicts, and become an approachable sorceress. Of course, you have to be a good barista too, so perfect a wide array of recipes (like in Coffee Talk and Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly). By catering to your customer’s needs, you can uncover hidden dialogue and storylines. There are also side quests to add depth, accessed by venturing beyond the café and into the city.

Developed by Befun Studio and published by Spiral Up Games, Affogato will be released for PC via Steam on August 17.

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  • WOW this looks so neat!Gonna hope for a console release but maybe it won’t be a great fit control-wise?

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