Wandering Sword, the Wuxia RPG, is getting a demo

A turn-based game about a dance-like martial art. Who knows how this will turn out!

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Digitally Downloaded covers the news of the upcoming Wandering Sword demo

Wandering Sword blends HD-2D-style RPG blended with the aesthetics and style of Wuxia martial arts, and that is a most incredible concept for a game. You won’t need to wait long to see how it’s turning out, either, as there will be a demo available via Steam from February 6.

You’ll need to get in quickly, as the demo will only be there until February 28. Hopefully, it will be substantial enough to get a feel for the NPC system, which the developers are particularly proud of (“they’re programmed to simulate how actual people would behave in real life”, the press release claims). It is also going to be interesting to see how something as closely associated with movement as Wuxia is will gel with the turn-based combat found in the game.

This is the debut game for The Swordman Studio, and I can’t seem to find much information about them on the Web. The publisher, Spiral Up Games, is a new one too, with a library that also includes Affogato (itself an interesting upcoming RPG) and a prisoner sim title, Back To The Dawn.

Based on the quality in this trailer, both developer and publisher seem primed to turn some heads when the full game releases on PC later this year.


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  • Oh man, dude! This makes my mouth water. You know, my daughter was just born so I’m not going to have as much time now for gaming as I used do obviously, but I’m going to make time to play this one in what free time I do get.

    • Congratulations! I hope the birth went well for all and you’re enjoying the new family member!

      It will crush your free time I’m sure, but also think about it this way – when you’re up at 2am because of a screaming baby, now you can get a couple of turns in of a game like this one 😀

      • She’s very healthy, happy and hungry. Thank you for asking. It was rough on my wife, more-so than we expected, but she’s recovered beautifully and we’re loving our time with our “critter” as I call her.

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