The Helpers DLC for Catan – Console Edition is available now

A season pass is also available.

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I’ll never forget my first time playing Catan as a board game for a couple of reasons. One, I was shockingly terrible at it. Two, my first time was also my last. That’s why I’m so interested in Catan – Console Edition: it lets me practice repeatedly so, when the time is right, I can be victorious when playing the board game against friends. Matt rated the game favourably enough, giving it 3.5 stars in his review; he calls it a “perfectly fine adaption.” So basically, you get what you expect to get and that’s okay. Today, DLC titled The Helpers was released; it’s available as standalone DLC, as part of the season pass, or as part of the Super Deluxe Edition.

Catan – Console Edition is the official version of the international board game that we (almost) all know and love. There are two multiplayer modes, but there is also a single plater mode with dynamic AI that allows players to use different tactics and strategies to face characters based on Catan lore. Players can enjoy different layouts in the terrain with variable board setups, including towering mountains, bustling pastures, and thriving forests. The goal is to build a successful settlement.

The original physical release of The Helpers expansion brings new nuances to the game, and the digital version is like-for-like when it comes to rules and character abilities. It adds an additional layer of strategy by introducing 12 new characters: the Helpers. Each Helper brings their own specialized skills to give players a strategic advantage.

While it is available as standalone DLC, The Helpers is also available as part of the season pass. With the season pass, players get three seasonal cosmetic packs (Reap & Sow: Fall Content Pack, Ice & Snow: Winter Content Pack, and Bloom & Grow: Spring Content Pack), each bringing new aesthetics and characters to the game. In the future, it will include access to a larger expansion in the form of Cities & Knights.

As of today, Catan – Console Edition: Super Deluxe is available. This includes the base game, The Helpers expansion, and five championship maps based on real-life game boards used in the Catan World Championships.

Developed by Nomad Games and published by Dovetail Games, Catan – Console Edition is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. The Helpers DLC is developed by Dovetail Games (wth help from Nomad Games) and is available now.

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