School’s back in session in Let’s School, launching next month

Be the best principal possible.

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The key art for Let's School, with the game's logo in the upper right hand corner. There is a classroom with no roof and missing walls, so we can see inside where children are learning. Outside, there is a basketball court, also filled with children. Four large figures loom over the entire thing. One is a man in a suit holding a teacher. Another is a blonde woman holding a white cat, whose paws are up to her face. A redheaded woman with a ponytail is examining a sheet of paper with a microscope. Finally, a man with a moustache and a hard hat is clipping out plastic bits, like from a model kit.

Pathea Games has been busy: in addition to My Time at Sandrock, launching later this year, the developer now has another game launching this year. Let’s School is a charming low-poly sim-management game where players take on the role of a school principal trying to make their school the best of the best. A July launch date has been announced, and a demo is available on Steam now.

The developer has set out to create a brand new experience for its fans. Players become a principal returning to their alma mater after many years. Their goal is to transform an old, dilapidated school building buried in tall grass back to its former glory: vibrant and thriving with classrooms full of students.

As principal, renovate the campus, start clubs, and curate campus life. It’s not an exaggeration to say most of us struggled through school at some point, and this is the opportunity to create the experience you wish you had in real life. There are loads of customization options. If you want the uniforms to resemble those in your favourite show, that’s possible. If you want certain extracurricular activities, that’s possible. It’s all possible! (Okay, probably not all, but a lot is possible.)

The principal has free reign over the direction of the school’s development. it can become a rigorous elite academy, a carefree comprehensive school, and everything in between. To maintain a good learning environment, arrange various courses and use special measures to regulate the student’s behaviour. For example, if a student openly skips class, dispatch teachers to catch them playing hooky in the nearby town.

As the game progresses, more becomes available. Build dormitories, cafeterias, athletic fields, and snack shops. Players can completely unleash their imaginations to create unique, legendary campus landscapes.

Developed by Pathea Games and published by PM Studios, Let’s School will be released for PC via Steam on July 27.


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