Little Friends: Puppy Island launching later this year

More dogs equals more fun!

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A screenshot from Little Friends: Puppy Island showing off three stylish pups.

I miss Nintendogs dearly, to the point that I still think about it at least once per week. Pupperazzi kind of scratched that itch (my review here) but it was all photographing dogs and no bonding with dogs. It’s the bonding that I miss. The feedings, the walkies, the baths… general dog care. So while Little Friends: Puppy Island may seem a bit juvenile at first glance, there’s definitely appeal there for adults, too. Also: it was announced on National Puppy Day, how apt!

This is actually the latest games in the Little Friends series, which I sadly did not know about until right now. It is developed by Big Blue Bubble, AKA the team behind the smash mobile hit My Singing Monsters. Players can explore an island paradise and become best of friends with adorably puppies in what promises to be a wholesome adventure. Go for walkies, dig up treasure, build up your holiday resort, and meet loveable pups.

There are nine unique puppy breeds, includes shibas, labradors, corgis, huskies, and pugs. They can be found across the island and adopted. Once they’re adopted by the player, dress them up with over 350 options to choose from. Caring for the puppy involves feeding and walking, yes, but it also means improving their obedience, agility, and endurance. Levelling them up gives players access to new parts of the island.

Exploration is key, from sandy beaches to snowy mountains to cherry blossom sanctuaries. Discover new locations throughout the island to build new toy, clothing, and accessory shops. Exploration also unlocks new puppy items.

“We’re so excited to introduce the adorable next game in the Little Friends series, which jets players off on a cozy, fun-filled adventure across a paradise island,” said Katie Clark, Senior Product Manager at Fireshine Games, in a press release. “Developed by the talented team at Big Blue Bubble, creators of the smash hit My Singing Monsters franchise, we can’t wait for Little Friends: Puppy Island to scratch the itch of players looking for a wholesome new puppy sim later this summer.”

Developed by Big Blue Bubble and published by Fireshine Games, Little Friends: Puppy Island will be released for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch “this summer,” so expect a June-August launch.


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