Volcano Princess is launching a little bit late, but lands this April

Late is better than never!

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A screenshot from Volcano Princess.

I’ve written about Volcano Princess before: back in November, its release date was set for early February 2023. That date came and went, sadly with no Volcano Princess. But I’m here with some good news! A new release date has been announced for the parenting simulator RPG, and it’s not too far away. So prepare to raise a child all on your own!

Volcano Princess is set in the Volcano Kingdom, where you (the player) lives with their daughter. Unfortunately, your spouse has died, and afterwards the conflict between humans and demons got so bad that you have to prepare your child for a world filled with new challenges. What kind of person will she become? Every decision impacts the future of your daughter, and that of an empire.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and indeed the residents of the Volcano Kingdom are there to interact with your growing daughter. It’s a lovely place, with sunlight filtering softly through trees and the streets filled with music. That being said: it’s really up to you to raise her. The village is great for socialization but there are other aspects of life that she must learn about. Explore new hobbies and interests to keep her learning, and try different jobs and activities. Most importantly, instil in her the idea that familial bonds can never be broken.

You aren’t raising your daughter alone from birth: the game has you fully responsible for her as a pre-teen and onwards. She’ll learn to engage with people, and she’ll also practice prim and proper etiquette (she is a princess, after all). Eventually, she’ll enroll in one of four colleges where she can learn music, take up painting, or become proficient in combat. If she’s neglected, though… well, things may not turn out as one would hope.

When she becomes of age, she’ll have the chance to pledge allegiance to one of three lords of the land. She’ll complete tasks that they assign to grow her standing and fame amongst the noble families. Finally, at the Grand Volcano Festival, your daughter will be able to show off her skills in a competition showcasing everything she’s learned.

Developed by Egg Hatcher Studio and published by Gamera Games, Volcano Princess will be released for PC via Steam on April 21.


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