NISA’s giving us a double pack of Rhapsody goodness

We're always up for more classic JRPGs!

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Digitally Downloaded covers the announcement of Rhapsody Marl Kingdom Chronicles by NISA

NISA’s efforts to preserve niche JRPGs of yesteryear has been admirable in recent years. The Prinny Presents series has now reached three volumes, each with two games that you may well have never played otherwise on them.

Now the company has announced a collection focused specifically on the Rhapsody series. Rapsody Marl Kingdom Chronicles will release on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC, and will feature ports of Rhapsody 2 and 3.

This is particularly exciting given that neither of them has had a Western release previously, so they are effectively new titles for the English-speaking audience.

The collection launches in “Summer” (Winter for those of us located below the equator).

In the meantime, if you want to give the first Rhapsody a go and get across the series, that one is available through the third Prinny Presents collection (which also includes the excellent La Pucelle Tactics).

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