Paradise Killer developer invents a new genre with open world mascot management crime drama Promise Mascot Agency

Inventing a whole new genre!

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The key art for Promise Mascot Agency.

Promise Mascot Agency has the most curious genre description I’ve seen in quite some time: open world mascot management crime drama. Management, crime, and drama are all great (and common) genres. But mascot management? What the heck?! That’s so cool it should already be a thing! I love when developers are creative enough to think outside the box; with Promise Mascot Agency, Kaizen Game Works is definitely on a pioneering path (much like it was with 2020’s Paradise Killer).

Disgraced yakuza lieutenant Michi finds himself exiled to a cursed town with the end goal of turning a bankrupt mascot agency into a functioning business once more. Michi struggles with this new life, but he still needs to focus on rebuilding the business with the help of Assistant Manager Pinky (a mascot herself). He’ll also have to work hard to unravel the mystery (conspiracy?) behind his exile.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

Since Promise Mascot Agency is open world, Michi will need a way to get around Kaso-Machi, right? Enter his truck. Sure, it’s a bit beat up, but it is upgradeable. Once you’re rolling along, discover new friends to make, collectibles (to destroy), other businesses to partner with, and a variety of mascots to recruit.

Facts are facts, and we all know that mascots are living creatures that have coexisted with mankind for millennia. Each mascot has their own hopes, dreams, and desires. Michi will have to negotiate to recruit them: some want money, others fame, others a nice rice ball from a local convenience story, and some who want to watch the world burn in glorious hellfire.

Once a mascot is hired, they can be trained and sent out on jobs that earn money, gain experience, and publicize the Agency. Nothing can ever be that simple though, so expect things to go wrong. What happens if a mascot can’t fit their head through a marrow doorway? Or a kitchen catches fire? And what about the danger lurking around every corner? Assist the employees with Hero Cards that represent a variety of characters. Be tactical, and any mascot can overcome any challenge and bring in the big bucks.

Developed and published by Kaizen Game Works (in collaboration with development studio Unseen’s Ikumi Nakamura and Mai Mattori, and with financial assistance from Kowloon Nights and the UK Global Screen Fund), Promise Mascot Agency will be released for PC via Steam/Epic, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One in 2025.

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