The complete version of Mugen Souls is coming to Switch worldwide

Experience the full game, no edits!

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The key art for Mugen Souls, featuring four characters and the logo.

When Mugen Souls was first released over a decade ago, anyone outside of Japan experienced an edited version. Well, thanks to a new publisher, that’s about to change! Enter Eastasiasoft, who has released some phenomenal Japanese games on a worldwide scale. The publisher will be releasing a Nintendo Switch port of Mugen Souls, promising that it will feature all prior extras, content true to the Japanese release and full English support for both text and audio.

Chou-Chou is on a mission to conquer the universe and its seven worlds! Take command of her companion Altis, loyal peon Ryuto, and more. Chou-Chou turns heroes and demon lords into her own personal servants, freeing the universe from conflict.

Mugen Souls is described as a “vibrant” RPG. It features seven open worlds to explore, a good amount of party and skill customization, strategic turn-based combat, and free-roaming battle maps. Destroying crystals on the battlefield activates Hyper Mode. Execute combos to enslave enemies by exploiting their weaknesses. Most importantly (well, to me, because total world domination is fun) create a cast of minions by customizing body parts, facial expressions, job classes, and more.

Eastasiasoft has done this sort of release before, with both Moero Crystal H and Seven Pirates H. Matt reviewed both games (click on each title to link to those), giving each 4.5 stars. In my mind, there’s no better publisher to trust with Mugen Souls than Eastasiasoft. Joshua Michael French, project lead, states in a press release, “We take tremendous pride in bringing Mugen Souls to new players on Nintendo Switch, especially as this will be the first time an English version of the game includes the definitive content of the original Japanese release. Players who enjoyed Moero Crystal H and Seven Pirates H will find even more to love here, and we hope to continue this partnership with Idea Factory to keep making games like this a reality!”

Developed by Idea Factory in cooperation with Compile Heart, and published by Eastasiasoft, Mugen Souls will be released for Nintendo Switch in “spring” 2023, which I take to mean Q2 2023. Three thousand limited edition physical copies will be released via PlayAsia at 11 p.m. Hong Kong time this Thursday (November 24). Standard copies will also be available.


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