Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent looks for success in the West

Don't let the Steam reviews get you down - the console version of this is well worth looking forward to.

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Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent is a game that seems to have a lot of promise. Unfortunately, the launch in Japan hasn’t set the world ablaze, but perhaps PQube will be able to turn it around with the Western localisation.

The game is one of those immediately recognisable grid-based JRPGs, set in the Continent of Pedra, a land that has been slowly shambling down the road of chaos, morphing essentially into a nation-sized convoluted dungeon. This is complete, of course, with otherworldly monsters roaming about.

The hero of the story is Alex, a student of Obsidian High’s now-missing principal, who just so happens to also be his father! So, it is naturally up to Alex and his plucky crew of cutely designed classmates to trek through these arduous lands in search of him. In addition to all of the customisation, equipment, and crew management features that are par for the course for a game like this, an emphasis is placed on your time management. Combat is real-time, involving the need to drag and drop your characters across the gridded battlefield against a timer in the top right corner. This unique combat system has been the source of some of the game’s pain, as the Japanese players (who have had access to the game since September 8) haven’t always gotten along with it, when playing with a mouse and keyboard (controller does seem to play fine, though)

Perhaps it will be different here, though! We’ve finally been given a date for the English translation patch for Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent. It will land on December 9, with a demo available on all released platforms (PS4, Switch, and Steam for PC), but it’d be prudent to hold back for a while if you’re planning on using a mouse and keyboard. Hopefully there’s a patch inbound for that too.

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