Last Time I Saw You coming to PC, consoles mid-2024

Meet unforgettable characters and solve a mystery

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A screenshot from Last Time I Saw You. 12-year-old Ayumi is running through his town, with shops behind him.

I know, I know. the middle of 2024 is basically still two years away. But there’s something so special about Last Time I Saw You that i though it would be worth it. The game was first announced earlier this year, but today’s news is that the indie game will now be published by powerhouse Chorus Worldwide. It’s also worth noting that it’s now been announced for consoles in addition to its original PC platform.

The hand-drawn narrative adventure follows Ayumi, a 12-year-old boy on the verge of becoming a teenager. His dreams have been showing him a strange girl that may or may not be responsible for a curse on his town, yet he is inexplicably attracted to her. Players will embrace a series of existential questions en route to unravelling the complicated truth. Ayumi’s story is that of self-discovery and growing up.

Ayumi will also be interacting with his fellow townsfolk while exploring forests with helpful creatures, the unrelenting threat of danger, and to top things off, an unrelenting typhoon. The soundtrack is soothing, best described as lo-fi. When it comes to gameplay, it involves exploring with a touch of action elements – it seems influenced by classic point-and-click adventure games without outright being one.

Developed by Maboroshi Artworks and published by Chorus Worldwide, Last Time I Saw You will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo, Xbox Series, and Xbox One in “summer” (read: Q3) 2024. It’s nice to see that last-gen platforms will continue to be supported that long!


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